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Pooja Items:

Items Quantity
Turmeric Powder 100 GRAMS
Kumkum Powder 100 GRAMS
Sandal Wood Powder 1 BOX
Insence Stick (Agarbatti) 1 PACKET
Champer 1 PACKET
Coconut 5
Rice 5 LB
Betel Leaves 25
Beetle Nuts 1 Packet
Pongal for Brahmachari Bhojanam
Flowers 2 Bunches
Garlands 1
Sweet 5 Types
Hot 5 Types
5 Type of Fruits Each 5
Silk Saree 1
Dhoti (Get one dhoti to dip in turmeric water and dry) 2
Milk, Yogurt, Honey, Sugar and Juice for Panchamrutam
Raisins, Cashew, Dates, Almonds, Sugur Candy for Prasadam
Ghee 2 Bottles
Navadhanysm ( 9 Varieties of Natural Seeds)
Rose Water 1 Small Bottle
Blouse Piece 10 1/2 Meter
Any God Picture 1
Aluminium Tray
Dry Sand
Bricks 24
Havan Samagri
Dry Coconut 1
Fire Wood
Match Box 1
Paper Cups, Spoons, Plates 5 Each
Paper Towel 1 Roll

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