Mundan Pooja is one of the most common baby rituals in Hinduism. As per Vedic traditions, a newborn baby’s hair is considered an unwanted trait of the past life. Hence, getting rid of them to start a new life is very important. The mundane puja involves offering the hair to the deity to purify the soul and bless the life of the baby. This purifying ritual is one of those sixteen important samskaras that every human must perform in their lifetime.

Pooja Items:

Sandalwood Powder 1 pkt
Turmeric Powder 1 pkt
Kumkum Powder 1 pkt
Camphor 1 pkt
Agarbathi 1 pkt
Betel Leaves 1 pkt
Betel Nuts 1 pkt
Flowers 1 bunch
Fruits 5 varieties(5 each)
Coconuts 2
Rice 1 lb
Coins (Quarters) 20
Scissors (new) 1
Towel (Small) 1

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