A wedding pooja is a series of rituals performed on the wedding day in Hinduism. The rituals differ from state to state. However, the core remains the same, to bless the new beginning of the couple. Some of the main rituals of wedding pooja are evoking holy fire, kanyadaan puja, seven holy steps, sindoor daan, tying of holy necklace, and Shilarohana. Depending upon the rituals performed, wedding pooja involves chanting of mantra and Homam.

Pooja Items:

Turmeric Powder 2 Lb
Kumkum Powder 1 Lb
Flowers (Loose) 100
Garland 3
Insence Stic (Agarbatti) 3 Packet
Camphor 2 Packet
Jeera (Cumin Seed) 1 Packet
Ghud (Jaggary) 100 Gram
Beetel Leaves / Pan 100 Leaves
Beetel Nuts / Supari 1 Packet
5 Types of Fruits Each 12
Coconut 10
Whole Coconut (Green) 2
Dry Coconut 2
Whole Turmaric 10 Gram
Rice 10 Lb
5 Kinds of Sweet
5 Kinds of Karas
Sindhuram 1 Small Packet
Ghee 5 Lb
Burugu (Puri) 200 Gram
Havan Samagri 1 Packet
Fire Log / Fire Wood
Brass Plate / Tray to wash legs 1
Paper Cups and Spoons Each 24
Paper Towel Roll 5
Aluminium Foil Tray/Plate to keep all the items & Mangala Sutra
Karugumani Mala – for Bride
Kasi Yatra Dhoti – for Bride Groom
Dress For The Bed Room Chappal, Umbrella, Fan, Small Mirrior
Blouse Piece 2
Saree 1
Milk ½ Gallon
Yellow Thread

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