Performed to honor the Goddess Bhoomi and Lord Vastu Purush, Bhoomi Pooja is performed on the new land purchased to eradicate the ill effects before starting the construction. This Pooja must be performed by a learned pandit in the North-East corner of the construction site as this is a sacred corner. The Pooja involves praying to Mother Earth and other natural elements so that these deities bless the land with prosperity. On the day of Bhoomi puja, the foundation stone is also laid.

Pooja Items:

Sandalwood Powder 1 pkt
Turmeric Powder 1 pkt
Kumkum Powder 1 pkt
Camphor 1 pkt
Agarbathi 1 pkt
Betel Leaves 2 pkts
Betel Nuts 1 pkt
Flowers 1 bunch
Fruits (5 Varieties,5 Each) 25
Coconuts 4
Rice 1 lb
Coins (Quarters) 20
Paper plates 10
Paper cups 5
Plastic Spoons 2
Lamp 1
Matchbox 1
Blankets 2
Shovel (new) 1
Picture of God
Sweets (any kind)

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