Seemantham is a famous traditional south Indian way of celebrating the pregnancy and arrival of a baby. The ritual is generally performed in the 5th,7th, or 9th month of the pregnancy to pray for safe delivery and good health of both the baby and the mother during the pregnancy. This ritual is described in many Gryhasutra texts and is performed in other parts of India as well.

Pooja Items:

Turmeric Powder 1 Lb
Kumkum Powder 1 Lb
Flowers (Loose) 50
Garland 1
Insence Stick (Agarbatti) 3 Packets
Camphor 2 Packets
Beetel Leaves / Pan 50 Leaves
Beetel Nuts / Supari 1 Packet
5 Types of Fruits Each 12
Coconut 6
Whole Coconut (Green) 1
Dry Coconut 2
Whole Turmeric 10 Grams
Rice 5 Lb
2 Kinds of Sweet
2 Kinds of Karas
Ghee 1 Lb
Paper Cups and Spoons Each 24
Paper Towel Roll 5
Aluminium Foil Tray / Plate to keep all the items
Blouse Piece 2
Saree 1
Milk ½ Gallon
Yogurt 32 Oz
Honey 1 Small Bottle
Sugar 2 Lb
Any Juice 1
Some Changes / Coins Not less than $ 5

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