Board of Trustees – 2022

Title Picture Contact
President Rama Krishna Bhonagiri
Secretary; Vice Chair-Puja Programs & Priest Management Pratap Vanka
Chair, Executive  Committee;
Member- Facilities, Landscaping and Maintenance
Shailesh Patel
Vice Chair, Executive Committee, Chair-Culture and Education B J Rao
Treasurer Shiv Kapoor
Joint Treasurer; Chair-Food and Kitchen Maintenance; Member- Election Committee Mahesh Gubba
Chair, Fund Raising and Membership Neha Mehta
Vice Chair, Fund Raising and Membership P. R. Balgopal
Chair, Puja Programs and Priest Management Jyothi Raju
Chair, Facilities, Landscaping and Maintenance Amita Sinha
Chair, Media and Website Ravi Kethe
Vice Chair, Media and Web Site Kannan Rangaswamy
Vice Chair, Food and Kitchen Maintenance Pappu Patel
Vice Chair, Food and Kitchen Maintenance; Member, Election Committee Arun Bajaj
Chair, Endowment Committee; Chair, Administrative Rules and Regulations; Member, Election Committee Pradeep Khanna
Member, Puja Programs and Priest Management; Member, Administrative Rules and Regulations Ramesh Gaud
Chair, Ad Hoc Committee for temple Planning and Expansion Nani Bhowmik

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