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  1. Bala Sridaran says:

    Very nice website to start with. Expect to see more & more.

  2. Pratap Vanka says:

    Very nice website ! Very informative.

  3. P reddy says:

    Kudos! to the temple web site designer,very creative ,colorful and clear information.Thanks! For the time and effort you have spent for the project.

  4. Ravi Vajjala says:

    Screens are looking very good and informative!!

  5. PP says:

    Great work on the website! Looks very good.

  6. Vasanthan Naidu says:

    This is one of the nicest temple websites I have seen. Clear, concise, well directed. Model for others. Congratulations!

  7. but Bath rooms especially womens needs attention
    need tolet cleaners and toilet paper
    temple is good

  8. Ravi Kethe says:

    Site is maintained really neat and the information is getting updated promptly with the current activities and pictures. This is really a place where someone wants to know the latest or current information of the hindu temple in champaign. I recommend community users to keep checking this site for any of the temple info you are looking for.

    I don’t see temple contact number in the website. Can we have phone information also updated in the site?

  9. Prathap says:

    Glad to see a Hindu Temple in Champaign. I noticed the option of “Full year Satyanarayana Pooja” in the website. It would have been more informative if the frequency of the Pooja is also mentioned. Is it done once a year? or once every month throughout the year? Please update. Thanks!

  10. Ananth says:

    Happy to see Hindu temple in this lovely place. God bless you all!

  11. Madhu says:

    I live in North Suburbs and visit Champaign occasionally. I believe temple services and facilities can be taken to another level by adding language and cultural classes, like Hindi, Sanskrit, music etc. for kids (Bala-Vihar sessions) during one of the weekends, Saturday for instance. All on a volunteer bases.

  12. Chandrika Shankar says:

    Very nice temple. We had the fortune of visiting the temple yesterday morning . Looking forward to more visits. Praying the temple develops by leaps and bounds.

  13. Venkataraghavan says:

    My Daughter is studying in UIUC – I came to the temple in August this year – Beautiful temple- wonderful & surprised to see a temple there. I am based out of Dubai, I would like to contribute to the temple , how do i do that – Regards Venkataraghavan

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